If you wish to be considered for one of the board positions, please email us at admin@LynnfieldPioneerYFC.com with the name of the position you would like to apply for.

The following positions will be voted on during our annual meeting on 1/25/2018 at 7 pm at St. Maria Goretti Parish.

  • President – The function of the President is to preside at all meetings of the Board of Directors; to sign all agreements, contracts, deeds, and other documents for LPYFC
    pursuant to appropriate resolutions by the Board of Directors; and to appoint all committees. The President shall be a primary signatory on the cash accounts of the
    organization. The President shall be the ex-officio member of all committees without the right to vote, except as he/she sees fit to make or break a tie vote. The President shall
    assign primary duties of the Board of Directors.
  • Vice President – – The Vice President shall act in place of and instead of the President at all meetings and in all matters where the President is absent or otherwise incapable of
    acting. The Vice President when so acting for the President shall exercise all the powers of the President while such absence or incapacity continues. In the event of a permanent incapacity or resignation of the President, the Vice President shall succeed to the office of President for the balance of the term.
  • Treasurer – The Treasurer shall keep an accurate record of the receipts and expenditures of the organization and of the accounts between the organization, its members, and others. These records shall be in the possession and care of the
    treasurer, but shall at all times be open for inspection by the Board.
    The Treasurer shall receive all monies payable to LPYFC and cause the same to be deposited into the organization’s bank accounts; notify members of LPYFC and others of any indebtedness to it and pursue collection of those outstanding funds. The Treasurer shall have control of the LPYFC’s checkbook and pay out by check or otherwise all monies legitimately required for the costs and expenses necessary for the operation of LPYFC, taking invoices or vouchers therefore. The Treasurer is a signatory on the cash accounts of the organization. All expenditures exceeding one thousand ($1,000) dollars shall be countersigned (or receive approval) from the President or other signatory designated by the Board.
    The Treasurer shall be responsible for setting up the registration database, managing registration (opening and closing registration, handling scholarships, and granting
    refunds), and confirming rosters against who has paid.
    The Treasurer shall render reports of the finances of LPYFC at such meetings of the Board of Directors or other occasions as set forth and requested by the Board of Directors. A Statement of Revenues and Expenditures for the previous operating year shall be prepared and presented at the January board meeting. An Annual Budget shall
    be devised by the Treasurer based on past and anticipated spending requirements, with input from the Director of Football and the Director of Cheer, and presented for board
    approval at a regularly scheduled Board of Directors meeting held either in February or March.
    The Treasurer shall coordinate with the designated outside certified public accounting firm for the preparation of the required federal and state non-profit tax returns in order to
    meet the filing date of May 15th.
  • Secretary – The Secretary shall keep the minutes of all proceedings and record same; shall submit a written copy of previous meeting minutes to the Board members via email
    prior to its next scheduled meeting for approval by the Board; keep an attendance list for Board members to record their presence at all regularly scheduled meetings; caused
    approved minutes to be posted on the website in a timely fashion.
    The Secretary shall have charge of LPYFC’s post office mailbox as a key holder and having the responsibility of retrieving the mail contents and disseminating it to the
    appropriate individuals as necessary.
    The Secretary shall be responsible for maintaining non-financial related LPYFC documentation, including, but not limited to, the by-laws, code of conduct contracts, and conflict of interest questionnaires. The Secretary shall electronically file with the Massachusetts Secretary of State all requisite reporting requirements, including annual
    reports and changes in board of directors.
  • Director 0f Cheerleading – The Director of Cheerleading shall assume the responsibility for managing the day to day activities of the cheerleading portion of the program; shall recommend Adult and Student Coaches for cheer teams and present to the LPYFC Board for vote and approval. The Director of Cheerleading shall recommend a Cheerleading Assistant Director to be approved by the Board to support the program, as deemed necessary; shall coordinate all practice sessions, games, and competition events. The Director of Cheerleading and/or the Cheerleading Assistant Director will be responsible for attending CAYFL meetings.
  • Director of Football – The Director of Football shall assume the responsibility for managing the day to day activities of the football portion of the program; shall recommend a Football Assistant Director to be approved by the Board to support the program, as deemed necessary; shall coordinate all practice sessions and games. The Director of Football and/or the Assistant Director should be responsible for attending CAYFL meetings.
  • Director 0f Player Safety – The Director of Player Safety shall be responsible for ensuring that all volunteers associated with LPYFC maintain a current background investigation, consistent with the requirements set forth in Massachusetts General Laws. In addition, the Director of Player Safety must ensure compliance with any and all coaching requirements set forth by the by CAYFL, such as coaching certification mandates, and generally advise the Board of Directors about proposed safety measures deemed necessary to ensure the safety of the LPYFC participants. In addition, the Director of Player Safety must proactively take steps to ensure that coaches are being held to the Coach’s Code of Conduct.
  • Director of Equipment – – The Director of Equipment shall be the custodian for LPYFC’s equipment and have charge of its storage facility as a primary key holder for that space; shall be responsible for maintaining an inventory of all equipment, including the condition of the equipment; shall be responsible for distributing equipment at the beginning of the season and collecting the equipment at the end of the season. The Director of Equipment shall make a report at each meeting of the Board of Directors, giving the Board the current status of all issues involving equipment, including what equipment, if any, needs to be replaced, repaired, or purchased, either presently or prospectively.
    The Director of Equipment shall appoint a Football Uniform coordinator and a Cheer Uniform coordinator. The equipment for football is comprised of helmets, shoulder pads, practice pants including pads, practice jerseys, game pants including pads, and game jerseys. The equipment for cheerleading includes cheering skirts, vests, and pompoms.
  • Director of Fundraising – – The Director of Fundraising shall be responsible for leading the fundraising planning process to produce effective strategies to achieve income targets, including the recruitment and oversight of sub-committees, as deemed necessary. The Director of Fundraising shall also seek out and oversee the management of grant money, as eligibility and need dictate. The Director of Fundraising shall also ensure annual compliance with Massachusetts solicitation laws and regulations, as set forth by the Non-Profit Organizations/Public Charities Division of the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office.
    The Director of Fundraising may appoint a member to chair events or fundraisers at its own choosing. The chair for a special event or fundraiser shall be responsible for preparing an initial budget to be approved by the Board. After the completion of the special event or fundraiser, the chair shall present a final accounting of all funds received and fees paid to the treasurer within 30 days of the close of the fundraising event.
  • Director of Communications –  The Director of Communications shall be responsible for all publicity to include all necessary public notices related to registration, fundraising, etc, and all other communications approved by the board. The Director of Communications shall also maintain the LPYFC website, including regularly updating the website content with announcements, schedules, governing documents, financial records, and any other information deemed appropriate by the Board of Directors. The Director of Communications shall also maintain all social media accounts and be responsible for submitting all media submissions throughout the season.
  • Director of Fields and Facilities – The Director of Fields and Facilities shall be responsible for securing fields and facilities in town for the operation of youth football and cheerleading, and when required, identify and secure alternate facilities as needed.