Lynnfield Pioneer Youth Football and Cheer will place the utmost importance on player safety.  We will secure the best equipment available and make sure the players are properly fitted.  We will also emphasize and teach the young athletes proper technique in order to minimize the risk of injuries.  All coaches will take the appropriate courses which they must pass in order to be certified by USA Football.  Some of the mandatory courses will be coaching the proper "heads up" tackling techniques and other courses will be devoted to recognizing player injury including concussions.

All football games will have a certified athletic trainer present in order to assess and treat injuries.  All Coaches must possess a current certification in USA Football Heads Up program, which provides training on what to look for when suspecting a concussion.  If this occurs the coach will bring the player over to the athletic trainer and the player will not be permitted back into the game unless he/she has been cleared.  It will be the call of the licensed professional if the player can return to action.  LPYFC has adopted the policy that "When in doubt, sit it out!"

If it has been determined that the player is showing signs of a concussion, the player will be removed from practice or a game and his/her parents will be notified and he/she will not be permitted to resume football activities until he/she has been cleared by a medical professional.  Note that clearance requires a gradual re-introduction to football activities.  A player may not immediately be available to participate in the next game or practice following medical clearance.  LPYFC will not offer an exception to this rule.  Player safety is of the utmost importance.

Parents are encouraged to visit the link below to further educate themselves regarding concussions: