2022 Board Meetings

IMPORTANT: We cordially invite ALL members of our organization to attend our upcoming board meeting. The meeting will occur on Thursday, July 27th, at 7:30 PM, at the Merritt Center at 600 Market Street. If you have a football player in our organization, we welcome and encourage you to join us at this meeting to share your desires, wishes, or concerns regarding the alignment of our football teams for the upcoming season. We kindly request that you come prepared to express your thoughts while also being receptive to others' viewpoints. Let us maintain a respectful and courteous atmosphere, honoring the rules of our organization. Furthermore, please remember that no food or drink is allowed inside the Merritt Center.

The LPYFC Board meets monthly at 7:30 P at the Merritt Center.

Prior meeting minutes may be viewed by clicking on the dates below:

  • 1/25/23 (Annual Meeting)
  • 2/28/23
  • 3/21/23
  • 4/25/23
  • 5/24/23
  • 6/20/23
  • 7/27/23 *Important meeting to discuss the upcoming football season
  • 8/15/23
  • 9/19/23
  • 10/17/23
  • 11/21/23
  • 12/19/23
  • 1/16/24

Meeting Format

The first fifteen (15) minutes of every meeting are open to the members and may be extended at the discretion of the President. Otherwise, the remaining meeting time shall be closed. It is preferred that any member wishing to address the board during this open period notify the board via email addressed to admin@LynnfieldPioneerYFC.com of their intentions at least 24 hours before the scheduled start time, along with a general description of the purpose for addressing the board. Please check our website regularly for any scheduling changes that may arise.