In the quest to procure equipment for the new league, the Lynnfield Pioneer YFC Board of Directors tasked Equipment Director Dan Tammaro to begin speaking with representatives from the “Big 3” manufacturers of football equipment. Lynnfield Pioneer YFC’s goal is not to simply go with what the town had in the past. If all new equipment has to be purchased, the league agreed to take a good look into each of Riddell, Xenith and Schutt’s top rated football helmets and shoulder pads.

As Lynnfield Pioneer YFC is a new league and this expense will be very important, the directors decided to have an interactive, hands on trial of each manufacturer’s equipment. Last week on two separate nights (2/13 & 2/15), coaches, board members and players from each of the teams came together. They met with each manufacturer’s representative individually at Dave Cappachetti’s shop. The 15 or so boys from D to A all got together for a couple hours, ate some pizza, and tried out the best rated helmets and shoulder pads from each manufacturer. It was important to the league not to just begin negotiating for the cheapest equipment available, as the league’s goal is to put its kids in the safest, and most comfortable equipment available at the best price possible. They did not want to rely solely only available ratings, and equipment cut sheets.

Getting the kids together allowed everyone to see first-hand how the different equipment fit all the different sized kids. The kids did a terrific job listening intently about the various features of each, and enthusiastically went about trying all the equipment. Everyone learned a lot about the different safety components, and as importantly how they fit and feel. The league is compiling feedback from the kids and adults that will ultimately help make a better informed decision about which equipment to eventually purchase. Thank you to all those that attended both nights. Your time and efforts will go a long way toward building a safer football community!