Hello All,

As the season is coming to an end, I wanted to make everybody aware of the scheduling for the next two weeks.

K-1 division does not have playoffs, so the final 2 weeks are the games as scheduled in TeamSnap @ 1pm.

2-3 and 4-5 have playoffs and each league has been broken down into two playoff divisions to award two winners per league.  Schedule is as follows:

2-3 Division

6/12 @ 2pm
Team Collins(white) vs Team Stec(blue) – Field 1
Team Kloack (white) vs Team Motzkin (blue) – Field 3
Bye week for Team Coffey and Team Pace (no games)
6/19 @ 2pm (Championships)
Winner of Collins/Stec (white) vs Team Coffey (blue) – Field 1
Winner of Kloack/Motzkin (white) vs Team Pace (blue) – Field 3

4-5 Division

6/12 @ 3pm
Team Deraps (white) vs Team Marques (blue) – Field 1
Team Mcshane 2 (white) vs Team Hubbard (blue) – Field 3
Bye week for Team McEwen 2 and Team Capachietti (no games)
6/19 @ 3pm (Championships)
Winner of Deraps/Marques (white) vs Team McEwen 2 (blue) – FIeld 1
Winner of Mcshane 2/Hubbard (white)vs Team Capachietti (blue) – Field 3