RAFFLE CALENDAR WINNERS | October 10th – 16th
Congratulations to our next round of big winners:
10/10 Winner: Donna Gaeta
Value: $500.00
Sold by: Tessa Jennings
10/11 Winner: Steve Wilkinson
Value: $50.00
Sold by: Lucas Wilkinson
10/12 Winner: Paolina Lepore
Value: $50.00
Sold by: Gianluca Bottaro
10/13 Winner: Bob & Annette Lemieux
Value: $100.00
Sold by: Dan Lemieux
10/14 Winner: Judi Grogan
Value: $50.00
Sold by: Drew George
10/15 Winner: James Sarni
Value: $100.00
Sold by: Luca Sarni
10/16 Winner: Melissa Circe
Value: $100.00
Sold by: Emma Circe
Checks have been mailed out. If anyone has any questions or concerns, please reach out to fundraising@lynnfieldpioneeryfc.com.