RAFFLE CALENDAR WINNERS | October 17th – 23rd


Congratulations to our next round of big winners:


10/17 Winner: Richard Cuddy Sr.

Value: $1,000.00

Sold by: Drew Cuddy


10/18 Winner: Ronald Escobar

Value: $75.00

Sold by: Kim Vetore


10/19 Winner: David McKeough

Value: $50.00

Sold by: Sydney McKeough


10/20 Winner: Chuck Rodrigues

Value: $500.00

Sold by: Madison Green


10/21 Winner: Lynda Austin

Value: $75.00

Sold by: Chase Austin


10/22 Winner: Nicole Boucher

Value: $50.00

Sold by: Isla Boucher


10/23 Winner: Yolanda Gooden

Value: $100.00

Sold by: Sophia Gooden


Checks have been mailed out. If anyone has any questions or concerns, please reach out to fundraising@lynnfieldpioneeryfc.com.