LPYFC Announces 2022 BOD

On Thursday, January 20th, the Lynnfield Pioneer Youth Football & Cheer Board of Directors held its annual meeting to kick off 2022. At the meeting, the board reflected on last year, engaged the community in their plans for this upcoming season, and elected its 2022 Board of Directors.


Please welcome the 2022 Board of Directors:

Kelly Tammaro: President

Keri Brown: Vice President

Theresa Coscia: Treasurer

Secretary: Jill String

Director of Football: Dan Tammaro

Director of Flag Football: Ryan Stec

Director of Cheer: Crystal Lavino

Director of Cheer Competition: Cindy Band

Director of Football Equipment: Adam Rystrom

Director of Cheer Equipment: Courtney Mcclevey

Director of Fields: Andrew String

Director of Safety: Joe Montalto

Director of Communications: Maureen Rystrom


We’d also like to graciously thank our outgoing board members Michael Cuddy, Tim Doyle, Lauren George, and Steve George for their tremendous contributions to and support of this program and for their dedication to getting LPYFC to where it is today. Thank you, Mike, Tim, Lauren, and Steve from the bottom of our hearts!

We are looking forward to a fantastic 2022 season!