Dear LPYFC Families,

Due to the overwhelming growth of our LPYFC program, we invited all of you to our board meeting to determine the number of football teams for the upcoming season. Thank you to everyone who attended; your feedback played a significant role in shaping the decisions regarding the alignment of our football teams.

During the meeting, we discussed the possibility of splitting classmates at the 7th and 8th-grade levels to form an additional team, with the goal of providing more playing time for individual players. To ensure that we made the best decision for our community, we welcomed all parents, coaches and board members of the organization to engage in thoughtful deliberations. We appreciate each of you who actively participated, as your insights played a significant role in our decision-making process.

The response from our families during the meeting was clear and resolute. The majority expressed that their children highly value staying with their friends in their respective grade levels over increased game day playtime (something the board has debated and discussed for weeks).

After carefully considering and weighing the collective feedback, the board has decided not to split A, B, C, or JVC team members. Instead, we have opted to create two evenly split D teams, Navy and Gold. This choice was made with the well-being and growth of our young athletes in mind, aiming to create an environment conducive to learning, development, and the fostering of friendships.

For the upcoming season, the team alignment will be as follows:

A Team: 8th graders,

B Team: 7th graders,

C Team: 6th graders,

JVC Team: 5th graders,

D Navy: 2nd through 4th grade,

D Gold: 2nd through 4th grade.

This decision means we will have some of the largest rosters at multiple levels in CAYFL. Our A, B, and C teams have 30 or more players!

It is essential to be transparent about the implications of these team sizes. With larger rosters for the A, B, C, and JVC teams, playing time may vary from week to week and could be limited due to the increased number of participants. Our coaches will do their best to provide fair opportunities for each player, but we kindly request that parents wait until Tuesdays after games to address any playing time concerns with coaches.

Our program continues to grow and be successful because of the time and energy our community volunteers give to the program. With more kids, we need more volunteers! Please consider volunteering in any capacity, whether as a team parent or assisting with game day support, i.e., announcements, markers, Snack Shack operations, and more.

Please contact us with further questions or concerns regarding the team alignment or any other aspect of our organization.

Again, we thank those who attended and shared feedback over the past few weeks. Our program is growing because of the transparency of the league and thoughtful conversations like this. We look forward to a great season!


LPYFC Board of Directors