Calling all LPYFC Fans –


Get ready to bring the thunder and make some noise for our incredible Cheer teams this Saturday as they gear up for their big competition! They’ve been our source of cheer all season long, and now it’s our turn to give them the send-off they deserve!


Meet us at Lynnfield Middle School as they get ready to board their buses. Candy packages will be provided, but we encourage you to make signs and wear your blue and gold!


  • D GOLD – Join us at 7:00 am to send off the JVE and E squads. Competition times: JVE at 8:15 am, E at 8:20 am.


  • D NAVY – Gather at 9:30 am to send off the JVD and D squads. Competition times: JVD at 10:45 am, D at 10:55 am.


  • JVC and C TEAMS – Come at 1:00 pm to send off the JVC and C squads. Competition times: JVC at 2:15 pm, C at 2:25 pm.


  • B TEAM – Assemble at 3:30 pm to send off the B squad. Competition time: 4:40 pm.


Let’s send our cheerleaders off with the boost of confidence they need to excel in their competition.


See you there, ready to make some noise and cheer your heart out!