About Lynnfield Pioneer Youth Cheer
Lynnfield Pioneer Youth Cheer is a member of the Cape Ann League and is open to residents of Lynnfield in the 2nd-8th grade.  The season begins mid-August and concludes in early November.  The primary goals of Lynnfield Pioneer Youth Cheer are to:

    • Promote and uphold town spirit, unity and pride at games, school, and in the community.
    • Represent the Lynnfield Pioneer YFC program to the highest degree by setting an example of good behavior and sportsmanship at all times.
    • Promote goodwill with other towns that we compete against in the Cape Ann League.
    • Maintain a successful and safe competitive cheer program.
    • Help our cheerleader athletes develop qualities that will enable them to achieve success in all future endeavors.

The Lynnfield Pioneer Youth Cheer program incorporates both Game Day Cheer and Competitive Cheer.

Game Day Cheer
Game Day cheerleaders perform sideline routines, half time routines and dances to inspire crowd spirit at youth football games.

Competitive Cheer
Competitive cheerleading consists of performing a combination of gymnastics, dance and acrobatic stunts. Teams of up to 30 members compete against other youth cheerleading programs according to age and ability levels.  Routines last for 2 minutes 30 seconds and are judged based on level of difficulty, precision, creativity and entertainment value.


Name Coach Schedule
A Team (7th & 8th) Rebecca Drzewiczewski  Schedule
C Team (5th & 6th) Deb Bryant-Supino  Schedule
D Team (3rd & 4th) Alicia Hodsdon  Schedule
Mascot (2nd Grade) Kim Brown  Schedule

Important Dates

  • Registration - February through May 2018
  • Uniform Fitting - June 2018
  • Uniform Distribution – August 2018
  • LHS Cheer Camp (Optional) – August 2018
  • Practices Begin - August 2018
  • Game Season Begins - September 2018
  • Cheer for a Cure Competition – October 2018
  • CAYFL Competition – November 2018